Finding the right gift for someone can often be difficult for many reasons and an easy solution to this problem is to pick a gift hamper which offers the recipient a variety of small and useful gifts in a beautiful and thoughtful package. The most difficult part however is choosing the correct hamper for some added personal touch, which is why sometimes people prefer custom made hampers.

Your loved ones will obviously find a personalised gift hamper better than a pre-packaged one. The recipient will find a personalised hamper useful, because you can thoughtfully add items that your recipient likes or will be of use to them. Although a personalised gift hamper requires some effort on your part, the out come is worth the effort. Here are some tips:

Decide on a theme

The first thing you need to do is to decide on a theme because this is what reflects the particular occasion. A corporate gift hamper should often be purchased and the contents could be very different depending on if you are giving it as a gift to the boss, a co-worker or giving it as a gift to another company, visit this site if you are in need of more corporate hamper ideas.

If you aren't buying a hamper for a corporate occasion then you should decide on a theme for your basket to get started. Some common themes include food or crafting but you can go beyond that by perhaps theming your hamper after a movie or a sporting team. 

How much is your budget?

Deciding on a budget is important because your budget will greatly determine your gift hamper. If you have a small budget, don’t worry. You will still find plenty of fancy items within the budget. You can also give homemade goodies because they cost less and taste better. Items that can be bought at a cheaper rate include glitter pens, scrap booking supplies, embellishments, card stock, stickers etc.

The contents

Your hamper can contain anything. Just make sure that you choose something that appropriate for your recipient. Also make sure that the contents reflect your theme. Include wine glasses if you are going to give a wine hamper. Adding teapots with a tea hamper is a good idea, but skip it if the recipient already has a lot of glasses and teapots. Know your recipient well. If you want to see a big smile, you have to make an informed decision. If you want to give a spa hamper, compliment it with crams, lotions, face washer and a headband. Choose items that your recipient likes but does not necessarily buy them.


In most cases, a basket is used as a container. But you can also choose a nice bowl or serving plate. Here is another idea: wrap a cardboard box in a visually appealing piece of paper. Packaging of consumer goods can be used as hamper containers. Your can also use these things as containers: metal buckets, wooden boxes, terracotta pots, serving trays, bags etc.


Filler makes a gift hamper more presentable. Many things can be used a filler material. In the base of your gift basket, you can use crunched up paper and then use a tea towel to hide it. If the tea towel is good, it can serve as a part of the gift. You can also use some wrapping paper, nice tissue paper or a piece of fabric to cover the scrunched up paper. Even if you give the hamper in a bag, you can make it look beautiful. What you need to do is to use some filler in the bottom.

Arrange your hamper

Now figure out how you can nicely arrange your hamper. It is a good idea to place the large items in the middle and the smaller items around the large item. If you add wine bottles, place them in the middle and smaller items around the bottles. To keep items in place, you can use clear sticky tape. To make room for your items, you can subtract filler. To make it visually appealing, you may need to use extra filler.

Wrap your hamper

In most cases, cellophane is used to wrap gift hampers. You can reuse cellophane from old packaging and gifts. Wrapping your hamper in a tea towel is a better idea. You can use ribbon because it cheap but looks beautiful. Do not forget to Include a gift card with a beautiful message.

It’s true that you will need some time and effort to make a personalised gift hamper and sometimes you may not see the recipient in person on the day so don't be afraid to purchase a hamper instead. Australian made gift hampers come in all sorts of varieties so you can always maintain that personal touch, you can order gift hampers online here. Having the hamper delivered to your or the recipients door is always a wonderful surprise as well. Whatever you choose, ordering from professionals or building your own - the result will be sweet and the receiver will feel the warmth of your heart.